Mischief Managed! – 1 Day at Hogwarts

Hey there,

I know I haven’t posted for quite a while but today I’d like to tell you about the great Harry Potter experience. Many people think visiting the Warner Bros. Studios and walking through the locations where magic came to life is for kids only. Just let me tell you this: it is not. It is absolutely fascinating to see what made paintings move and broomsticks fly. It doesn’t matter if you have never read the books or if you’re a real Potterhead – this is something for everyone. Like many people my age I grew up loving the magical world and it’s characters that J.K Rowling created. I remember how excited we when they released the last book. It was just as thrilling as watching the most recent Game of Thrones episode. Oh, how I always wished to receive that letter..

However, the experience starts while you’re standing in line to let your bags be searched when they play the movies’ theme music. While you’re listening to Hedwig’s Theme several people with fan shirts and sweaters share your excitement. The little details which we appreciate so much in the movies aren’t missed out there either. After you got yourself a coffee at the Starbucks in the corner you join the queue to the entrance which is located right next to Harry’s cupboard in Privet Drive no. 4.

After a few nice and welcoming words from Daniel, Emma and Rupert (it’s a short video.. naturally) they solemnly open the doors to the great hall. That’s where everything starts. From there you can get to all the famous sets like the Gryffindor Common Room, Dumbledore’s Office and The Burrow. And then it happens: You turn right and enter platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station. Boarding the Hogwarts Express and walking past the train compartments is an overwhelming feeling.

After you have been through the Forbidden Forest and admired the Goblet of Fire it’s time for a Butterbeer (Which in my opinion tastes absolutely gross). You can have some food right in front of the Knight Bus and Privet Drive no. 4.

But certainly it’s not over yet! You’re entering a room full of special effects like Dobby and ‚the monster book of monsters‘. The way leads you into a small narrow street – Diagon Alley! At Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes you turn left to the miniature Hogwarts castle. Of course the tour ends with a BIG Merchandise Shop where you can buy literally anything related to Harry Potter. We finally left the Studios with a Strawberry Lolly from Honeyduke’s. It was absolutely one of the best days I ever had.


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