Hey! My name is Sarah and I’m a 22 years old graphic designer from Austria. My dreams are to run my own Advertising Agency and to live in New York City one day.

You will probably ask yourself “okay, but why ‘Soda Pop Blog’?”. I actually hardly ever drink Soda Pops but I think my personality is kind of fizzy and refreshing.. also I think it’s just a very cool name for a blog. My posts will be about Recipes, Fashion, Social Media and Life and People’s opinions. I’m really passionate about cooking and trying new recipes so I wanted to share them with others. I will never be a Fashion Blogger but I graduated Fashion School in 2015 so I decided I’ll show you my favorite pieces either way. 😅 I feel like if you once dived into this world there is no coming back. You will always care about style. Don’t expect me to talk about make up though. I’m dreadful with this stuff. The only precious thing I own is a MÄC lipliner from Caitlyn Jenner and I basically just bought it because I was there with my sister and niece and it felt really weird not to buy anything when they were so enthusiastic about everything in this store…

I really hope you enjoy my blog and if you do feel free to subscribe to my newsletter, follow me on Instagram and leave a Like on Facebook! If you have any questions just comment on one of my posts or contact me at s.sodapopblog@gmail.com



My next travel destination: Croatia.